Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What makes you think I’ll leave you?

When you see me, I will save you; I will pull you out,
When believing looks deceiving, I won’t let you down,
Nobody wants you when you’re gone,
And everything is leaving,
I’ve seen everything, you’ve ever done, you’ll ever be don’t run away,
I came to save you,
Always been the way, follow me I’ll lead you home

I know it's such a mortal cliche but I really do despise Mondays. After a weekend filled with tourists and "business," there's so much to take care of on Monday. It didn't help any that I took my own dear, sweet time getting ready this morning and ended up being late for duty. I think I'm the only vampire in the world who can't seem to be on time to save her unlife. When I ran into the throne room 15 minutes late, I could tell Aro was already upset with me. However, there were more pressing matters to attend to so he saved the lecture for later. Besides the usual eye rolls, smirks, and disapproving looks, I noticed a strange vampire whom I had never seen before. From the way his crimson eyes darted wildly around the room and how Felix and Afton stood on either side of him, posed as if to strike at any moment, I could tell he was a newborn. After I had taken my normal place behind Aro, Caius, and Marcus, the discussion continued. He had been found in Spain, wreaking havoc in Madrid. Aro gave the same speech he gave every time we dealt with an unruly newborn, about secrecy and the need to blend in. To my left I could tell Santiago was trying to pick up on any special talents that this newborn had. After I determined that my services would not be needed during this interview, I let my mind wander. I stared out one of the windows and listened closely to the sounds drifting up from the street below. I listened to a group of children playing a game of football out on the piazza. I heard a wife arguing with her husband, complaining how he had come home late smelling of alcohol and other women. I heard two young lovers speaking in hushed tones of their future plans. I was just beginning to listen as a mother taught her child to say her alphabet when a flash of movement swiftly brought me back to the throne room. The newborn was running from between Felix and Afton and headed straight for Aro. I almost didn't react quickly enough. I felt the pull of Santiago's own powers as he prepared to shield should I fail. I managed to regain my senses fast enough, but just barely. It took me less than half a second to take in the scene and shield my master, but the newborn had gotten much too close for anyone's comfort. He was diverted less than a foot away from Aro. As soon as the newborn was distracted and suddenly trying to remember what he was doing, the male guard members descended upon him. The Volturi do not tolerate attacks on those who we serve. After the newborn had been dealt with, we were excused for the day. It seems that in light of my saving him, Aro decided to ignore my tardiness. As I exited the throne room and headed down to the tunnels to exit the city limits unseen, someone grabbed me by the wrist. Before I turned around, I knew it was Santiago, I could tell by his scent. I saw the question in his eyes before he spoke it. "What happened Ren?" he demanded. "Where was your head?" I could have played ignorant. I could have acted as if I had the situation entirely under my control. But he knows me better than that. So instead I told him the truth. I told him that I had once again been daydreaming, as I do almost every time I am called to guard Aro. I told him that I had gotten lost in listening to the sounds of normal life, of life that I was deprived of, that we both had been deprived of. I told him that I, the shield, had let my guard down. He looked at me with disbelief in his eyes as he dropped my hand. I turned and continue walking, no, running away from Volterra, away from my near fatal mistake, away from a too close save. No one followed me.

Listening to: Exit East - I Will Save You