Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't say good-bye, just dry your eyes

Leave me once
Leave me twice
Kiss good-bye that will suffice
When you go away
Don't look back
Leave me once and i'll be fine
Leave me twice i'll make you mine
Just one more chance to make it once again

We were partially correct about our newborn/stalker theory. Maggie and I found out the truth rather unexpectedly last night. While Siobhan and Santiago were in Ireland searching for the trail of our unknown vampire, Maggie came to stay with me in Volterra in hopes that she would be safer. Our plan backfired on us, though. While Siv and San were in the air flying from Ireland to London, Maggie and I found the stalker at my villa. This is what we learned: The stalker's name was Carlos. He was the student that Maggie had once taught. He was created by a vampire by the name of Luis who seemed to have a personal vendetta against the Volturi. Luis and his mate were caught in the crossfire of the newborn wars in Mexico and his mate was killed by Caius. It left him completely shattered and for decades he as lived as a nomad, barely managing to function. He recently found his way to Europe and had an awakening. He decided to create a mass of newborns near to the Volturi in hopes of drawing out Caius and the others so that he could get his revenge. His first creation was Sophia who helped to train and control the newborns. His second creation was Carlos. When Carlos told Luis of Maggie, Luis realized she must be a vampire, and mistakenly believed she was a member of the Volturi. When he went to find her in Ireland, Carlos realized Maggie was not a Volturi, but overheard a telephone conversation with me and realized that he could capture both his beloved and a Volturi in one fell swoop. And so Carlos set about scaring the Irish coven from their home. He guessed correctly when he thought that Siobhan would send Maggie to the safest place imaginable: Volterra. Maggie and I walked right into his trap but he made a grave mistake when he underestimated just how strong my power was. He also was not expecting an experienced fighter. Fool. He was alive long enoug to tell us just what we needed to know. By that time, Siobhan and Santiago had found out what happened and made their way to Italy.
Carlos told us all about Luis's plan to attack Volterra, and just in time. The newborns were to assemble in Sughera just before dawn, only a half hour outside of Volterra. Santiago and Siobhan drove to the France-Spain border to find Luis's hideout and managed to kill him with enough time to make their way back to Sughera while killing any newborns they came across along the way. They managed to come across Corin and Afton on their way. In the meantime, the rest of the guard left in Volterra set out to Sughera in order to attack the newborns before they could attack us. With my powers combined with those of Jane and Alec, we managed to cause confusion and infighting amongst the newborns. Unfortunately not all of them were affected by our powers, and so we had to resort to hand to hand combat. In all the chaos, I lost track of my family and friends. I was unable to shield all of them, and Maggie was left vulnerable to a group of newborns. She was injured, but not too bad. Siobhan made it to her side just in time and began fighting off the newborns single-handedly. Santiago tried to help her but then realized that Liam and Felix had disappeared after some newborns who had run away. Just when we nearly lost Siv, Santiago came back and between the two of them, they finished off the rest. Somehow we managed to survive and not lose a single family member. So we all are back at my place, celebrating and enjoying yet another victory for the Volturi and those who fight on their side. But I must end my recap here as I still need to have a long discussion with Santiago about yesterday's events.

Listening to: All-American Rejects - Don't Leave Me