Wednesday, March 18, 2009

like a lifeless little pawn

Or you can have it all
Everything you crave
Money, pleasure wrapped in leather
Fortune and fame

Sell your soul!

one thing to be said for aro, he certainly knows how to make up with those he's hurt. this evening i walked into my room to find a small box all wrapped up in the center of my bed. inside? two sets of keys. one goes to the shiny new ferrari f430 spider, volturi black of course, currently parked in the garage along with the rest of my family's italian sports cars (we have a hard time blending in). the second key was to the only thing that could possibly make me ever forgive aro. it seems as though he's come to accept that the only way to keep me satisfied is to loosen the leash a little. and so i finally have that which every other member of my coven has had for centuries: my own home. it's a beautiful villa with a vineyard in monteriggioni. it is obviously close enough to volterra that i can be there in under 20 minutes, but far enough away that i can finally have some peace and some time by myself. the one condition aro did put upon these gifts is a pager that only he knows the number to and that i must always respond to, no matter the time of day or night. and yet, as i sit in my new studio, looking out over the gorgeous toscana countryside, i wonder if what i have given in exchange for these gifts was worth it. by accepting these things from aro, i have indebted myself to him and am now more tied to him than ever before. but who knows? perhaps with time and a bit of distance i will once again regain the peace of mind that i have lost. until then, i will enjoy this little piece of paradise. i think i'm going to start ordering furniture to be brought in, after a quick visit to my new, private chapel. yes, i think i may very well find myself here.

Listening to: The Creepshow - Sell Your Soul