Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm on a rollercoaster ride

I don't know why I gave you my heart
Cause sometimes it feels so wrong
But in spite of all this weather
I know why we are together
And I swear right now
That I'm right where I belong

I don't really have much to write about right now. I just wanted to get the pictures up. I'll write more tomorrow as I'm sure you all are waiting to know what San and I will decide. I want to know as well.

Listening to: 3 Doors Down - Right Where I Belong

Saturday, March 28, 2009

a sunset couldn't save me now

You have tamed me
Now you must take me
How am I supposed to be
I don't have my thorns now

Oh mia Italia. Sometimes I forget just how much of a majestic beauty you are. This trip to Piedmont has reminded me of just how incomprehensible is the magnificence of this country. I have greatly enjoyed my first day back to the Alps in quite some time. Santiago and I are staying at the beautiful Kempinski Pragelato Village and have spent every possible moment out in the snow. I had my first snowboarding lesson today and was doing quite well until one human's scent hit me like a ton of bricks and I lost my concentration. Santi had quite the laugh at my expense as I lay face down in the snow. For the rest of the day, I enjoyed taking it easy on some of the less difficult ski runs. San on the other hand, decided to show off for the mortals and had a good sized crowd watching him snowboard by the end of the evening. I shall have to remember to talk to him about blending in while we are not in the comfort of Volterra.
When the sun started to set, we left our equipment at the hotel and went to watch the sunset over Lake Maggiore. It was quite literally breathtaking, even for one who has no breath. I am determined to watch the sunrise tomorrow morning. After the sun had disappeared completely, San and I went for a leisurely walk with the moonlight reflecting on the snow around us. We certainly had a lot to discuss.
For starters, we talked about our own personal histories. We've known some of each others, the basics, but never really the deep details. San knew more about mine, but he's always been very quiet about his past to all of the Volturi. I knew he had grown up in a broken and dysfunctional family. His father was an alcoholic and abusive towards his mother and himself, as well as his younger siblings. And yet his mother loved his father endlessly and couldn't bring herself to leave him. This was the first time the idea of love had left a bitter taste in his mouth. Santiago left his home as soon as possible and joined the Chilean navy. At the age of 23 he was serving aboard the Blanco Encalada when the Chilean Civil War began in 1891. He was one of the handful of crew members to survive when the "Blanco" sank, although just barely. He was taken to a hospital that was sympathetic towards the congressional rebels. There he met a pretty young nurse who helped him regain his strength. When he was healed, he went back to the congressional navy. He wrote to the nurse almost every day. He was sent to La Placilla where the final and decisive battle of the war was to take place. He didn't get her letter informing him that she, too, would be there tending to the wounded on the battle field until it was too late. He later found her body. She had been caught in the crossfire while tending to a wounded rebel soldier. The battle ended and the rebels had won. Santiago had sustained several minor injuries that would not have nearly killed him, had he sought medical attention. As distraught as he was and having no where to go but a broken home, he wandered from town to town until his strength gave out and he laid down to finally die. Fortunately, or unfortunately, however you view it, a nomadic vampire was passing through the same town. Santiago doesn't know who his creator was or why they took pity on him and changed him. He only remembers waking up to discover what he had become and decided to leave his metaphorical heart behind now that his physical heart was no longer beating.
I apologize for the lengthy sidetrack, but I feel it is necesary to understand both of our histories in order to fully comprehend the situation in which we now stand. Santiago has gone nearly 120 years without feeling the need to truly love anyone around him. I, on the other hand, swore to give my life to my God over 400 years ago and have never felt the need to go back on my promise. Neither of us know where we are headed. Was that kiss simply a result of the pressure getting to both of us and the fear of not seeing the other alive again? Are these feelings merely an illusion? The need for two lonely people to find someone to belong to? Or are they genuine? We don't know what to do now. I guess we'll just finish this trip and see where we go.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't say good-bye, just dry your eyes

Leave me once
Leave me twice
Kiss good-bye that will suffice
When you go away
Don't look back
Leave me once and i'll be fine
Leave me twice i'll make you mine
Just one more chance to make it once again

We were partially correct about our newborn/stalker theory. Maggie and I found out the truth rather unexpectedly last night. While Siobhan and Santiago were in Ireland searching for the trail of our unknown vampire, Maggie came to stay with me in Volterra in hopes that she would be safer. Our plan backfired on us, though. While Siv and San were in the air flying from Ireland to London, Maggie and I found the stalker at my villa. This is what we learned: The stalker's name was Carlos. He was the student that Maggie had once taught. He was created by a vampire by the name of Luis who seemed to have a personal vendetta against the Volturi. Luis and his mate were caught in the crossfire of the newborn wars in Mexico and his mate was killed by Caius. It left him completely shattered and for decades he as lived as a nomad, barely managing to function. He recently found his way to Europe and had an awakening. He decided to create a mass of newborns near to the Volturi in hopes of drawing out Caius and the others so that he could get his revenge. His first creation was Sophia who helped to train and control the newborns. His second creation was Carlos. When Carlos told Luis of Maggie, Luis realized she must be a vampire, and mistakenly believed she was a member of the Volturi. When he went to find her in Ireland, Carlos realized Maggie was not a Volturi, but overheard a telephone conversation with me and realized that he could capture both his beloved and a Volturi in one fell swoop. And so Carlos set about scaring the Irish coven from their home. He guessed correctly when he thought that Siobhan would send Maggie to the safest place imaginable: Volterra. Maggie and I walked right into his trap but he made a grave mistake when he underestimated just how strong my power was. He also was not expecting an experienced fighter. Fool. He was alive long enoug to tell us just what we needed to know. By that time, Siobhan and Santiago had found out what happened and made their way to Italy.
Carlos told us all about Luis's plan to attack Volterra, and just in time. The newborns were to assemble in Sughera just before dawn, only a half hour outside of Volterra. Santiago and Siobhan drove to the France-Spain border to find Luis's hideout and managed to kill him with enough time to make their way back to Sughera while killing any newborns they came across along the way. They managed to come across Corin and Afton on their way. In the meantime, the rest of the guard left in Volterra set out to Sughera in order to attack the newborns before they could attack us. With my powers combined with those of Jane and Alec, we managed to cause confusion and infighting amongst the newborns. Unfortunately not all of them were affected by our powers, and so we had to resort to hand to hand combat. In all the chaos, I lost track of my family and friends. I was unable to shield all of them, and Maggie was left vulnerable to a group of newborns. She was injured, but not too bad. Siobhan made it to her side just in time and began fighting off the newborns single-handedly. Santiago tried to help her but then realized that Liam and Felix had disappeared after some newborns who had run away. Just when we nearly lost Siv, Santiago came back and between the two of them, they finished off the rest. Somehow we managed to survive and not lose a single family member. So we all are back at my place, celebrating and enjoying yet another victory for the Volturi and those who fight on their side. But I must end my recap here as I still need to have a long discussion with Santiago about yesterday's events.

Listening to: All-American Rejects - Don't Leave Me

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I used to say get over it

Since I know you I don't know myself
My lonely soul is longing to be by your side
But day by day I realize that you never will be mine
Why can't you be mine?
Once again, I am left behind. Santiago and Demetri are in the UK picking up the scent of Maggie's stalker. We believe whoever is following her is connected with our newborn creator in Spain, given the messages he has left her, specifically a recording on her iPod saying "Spain is a lovely place this time of year." Even Siobhan has now gotten involved, meeting up with San and Dem to try to pick up the trail of the stalker. While they start in Ireland, Chelsea, Afton, and Corin will begin searching throughout Spain for any newborns who can give us clues about their maker. Based on what we have to go off of, here is what we think has happened: a boy that Maggie once tutored in sculpture has been turned by our newborn creator. While he was still mortal, he developed a crush on Maggie it seems, and now as a vampire has tracked her down. His actions have gone so far that Siobhan has had to move the coven temporarily. I won't reveal their location in order to preserve their safety. This particular newborn, if that is indeed what he is, is part Spanish and would most likely have been in Spain during the time our mysterious creator started his spree. Hopefully San, Dem, and Siv can catch up to the stalker and get some much needed information out of him. After that newborn has been dealt with, Santiago will then join the search in Spain. Siobhan has not yet decided if she will be joining him or not, but will do so when the time comes. Unfortunately Demetri will only be able to point out the trail and then will have to return to Heidi, as he is needed at home. And so I stay in Volterra, waiting by the phone for news of my family.
Yet the worst part of all of this, is the newest development. As San ran out the door to catch his plane, he suddenly grabbed me, and kissed me. Before I could process what was happening, he had run off towards the airport. I only wish he wasn't the faster runner. Now I have to wait until he gets back to make him explain himself.

Listening to: Me & My - You Left Me

Give me hope somehow

I know you stay true when my world is false
Everything around's breaking down my chaos

I always see you when my sight is lost
Everything around's breaking down my chaos

It appears we are yet again facing another newborn problem, this time close to home. Every few years this happens, last time it was in Seattle where Victoria built her army. This time there is a rampant vampire in Spain. There have been a slew of newborns running uncontrolled around Madrid. Apparently the one we found yesterday is just one of many. We managed to get a small amount of information from him before he had to be destroyed. We know our rogue vampire is a male who appears to be native to Spain, more specifically the Andalusia region given what our newborn could pick up from his accent. It seems his victims are random, chosen by who happens to be nearby when the mood strikes him. The only good news from this episode is that it seems to merely be a vampire amusing himself, and not creating an army. Santiago and I talked at length this evening on how to find the creator and what to do in the meantime. We need to find more of the newborns and try to get what information we can out of them before destroying all of them. But we can't let Madrid remain subject to the terrors of these newborns. I believe that a number of the guard will be sent to Spain to investigate, most likely including Santiago, Demetri, Corin, Afton, and Chelsea. Chelsea will be invaluable if she can manage to make the newborns feel more comfortable around the guard so that they will come back to Volterra to be interrogated. Once enough information is gained about our culprit, Demetri will then be able to track him. I, of course, will stay home, as always. Together with Alec, Jane, and Felix we will guard Volterra in case this vampire decides to leave Spain and travel closer to Italy. And so the guard prepares to fight once more and to bring some semblance of order back to this chaotic, secret world of ours.

Listening to: Mute Math - Chaos

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What makes you think I’ll leave you?

When you see me, I will save you; I will pull you out,
When believing looks deceiving, I won’t let you down,
Nobody wants you when you’re gone,
And everything is leaving,
I’ve seen everything, you’ve ever done, you’ll ever be don’t run away,
I came to save you,
Always been the way, follow me I’ll lead you home

I know it's such a mortal cliche but I really do despise Mondays. After a weekend filled with tourists and "business," there's so much to take care of on Monday. It didn't help any that I took my own dear, sweet time getting ready this morning and ended up being late for duty. I think I'm the only vampire in the world who can't seem to be on time to save her unlife. When I ran into the throne room 15 minutes late, I could tell Aro was already upset with me. However, there were more pressing matters to attend to so he saved the lecture for later. Besides the usual eye rolls, smirks, and disapproving looks, I noticed a strange vampire whom I had never seen before. From the way his crimson eyes darted wildly around the room and how Felix and Afton stood on either side of him, posed as if to strike at any moment, I could tell he was a newborn. After I had taken my normal place behind Aro, Caius, and Marcus, the discussion continued. He had been found in Spain, wreaking havoc in Madrid. Aro gave the same speech he gave every time we dealt with an unruly newborn, about secrecy and the need to blend in. To my left I could tell Santiago was trying to pick up on any special talents that this newborn had. After I determined that my services would not be needed during this interview, I let my mind wander. I stared out one of the windows and listened closely to the sounds drifting up from the street below. I listened to a group of children playing a game of football out on the piazza. I heard a wife arguing with her husband, complaining how he had come home late smelling of alcohol and other women. I heard two young lovers speaking in hushed tones of their future plans. I was just beginning to listen as a mother taught her child to say her alphabet when a flash of movement swiftly brought me back to the throne room. The newborn was running from between Felix and Afton and headed straight for Aro. I almost didn't react quickly enough. I felt the pull of Santiago's own powers as he prepared to shield should I fail. I managed to regain my senses fast enough, but just barely. It took me less than half a second to take in the scene and shield my master, but the newborn had gotten much too close for anyone's comfort. He was diverted less than a foot away from Aro. As soon as the newborn was distracted and suddenly trying to remember what he was doing, the male guard members descended upon him. The Volturi do not tolerate attacks on those who we serve. After the newborn had been dealt with, we were excused for the day. It seems that in light of my saving him, Aro decided to ignore my tardiness. As I exited the throne room and headed down to the tunnels to exit the city limits unseen, someone grabbed me by the wrist. Before I turned around, I knew it was Santiago, I could tell by his scent. I saw the question in his eyes before he spoke it. "What happened Ren?" he demanded. "Where was your head?" I could have played ignorant. I could have acted as if I had the situation entirely under my control. But he knows me better than that. So instead I told him the truth. I told him that I had once again been daydreaming, as I do almost every time I am called to guard Aro. I told him that I had gotten lost in listening to the sounds of normal life, of life that I was deprived of, that we both had been deprived of. I told him that I, the shield, had let my guard down. He looked at me with disbelief in his eyes as he dropped my hand. I turned and continue walking, no, running away from Volterra, away from my near fatal mistake, away from a too close save. No one followed me.

Listening to: Exit East - I Will Save You

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's compare scars I'll tell you whose is worse

We live on front porches and swing life away
We get by just fine here on minimum wage
If love is a labor I'll slave 'til the end
I won't cross these streets until you hold my hand

I have accumulated my fair share of scars over the years, both physical and emotional. I think it is a good thing to retain these scars, however. They remind me of what I have been through, and that I have survived. Whenever life hands me more than I think I can handle, I simply look at those scars and remember how much I have gotten through. I was there when the newborns in Mexico were destroyed by the Volturi. My strength was failing me and one particularly strong newborn who saw I was the key to getting to Aro got a bit too close. Luckily I escaped with only a scar and Aro remained untouched. I was also there when we dealt with the immortal children. That experience left me with both physical and emotional scars. It was heartbreaking to see those precious children destroyed and yet I knew we had no other options. I had the unpleasant task of carrying one of those children to its funeral pyre while Felix and Corin held back its creator. I was so lost in the beautiful crimson eyes of that child, that I almost didn't feel it when he bit me. I did not have the heart to try and block the boy and so I let him try to fight back until he was destroyed by the flames. I have a new scar, too, that I acquired just this week, courtesy of Felix. But there have been many other experiences that have left their mark on me. Sometimes I stand in front of a mirror for hours, counting and remembering the experiences that gave them to me. It helps me to remember who I am and what I stand for. I may complain about the Volturi but I know we are necessary. Without us, the vampire community would fall into chaos. Mortal lives would be needlessly shed. The world would see a reign of terror unknown before. Some may hate us for it, but in a way we save the lives of more mortals than we would ever kill. Governments are always necessary, even when those they govern disagree with their methods or their policies. Since I have chosen (or was forced) to align myself with this governing body, I have the duty, the curse, and the blessing to ensure that order is kept in our world. And so my line of work and my decisions have left my body marked with memories of my past. When we make the rest of the world forget us and what we have done, I will always have my own personal reminders. I will never be allowed to forget my past. No matter where I go or what choices I make, these scars will always be there telling the story of who I was and what I have done.

Listening to: Rise Against - Swing Life Away

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'll try not to sing out of key

What do I do when my love is away
Does it worry you to be alone
How do you feel by the end of the day
Are you sad because you're on your own

No, I get by with a little help from my friends

Yesterday was St. Marcus's Day, which meant all of Volterra turned out to celebrate, along with quite a few foreigners. Along with many foreign mortals, foreign vampires also came to our city to celebrate. My friend Siobhan from the Irish coven, along with her mate, Liam, and Maggie, came for a visit during this time. I was lucky enough to have the night off of guard duties. I stayed in the Volterra city limits, so Santiago was able to use his mimicking abilities to become a temporary shield. And so I spent the evening with a dear friend, acting like teenagers instead of the centuries old women that we are. Siobhan and I have only recently become friends, but already I notice a kinship in her that I have never managed to find in the Volturi. I have become close to almost all of my fellow Volterians, however I seem unable to connect with them on a basic level. For some reason, from the first moment Siobhan and I have talked, these barriers have been non-existant. True, Siobhan and I have been on opposite sides most of our lives. She even stood against the Volturi with the Cullens and the rest of their friends. Luckily the situation never escalated to the point where we had to fight against each other, even if I'm still not sure what choices I would have made had a fight been necessary. But besides all this, perhaps even in spite of all this, Siobhan has gotten to know me for who I truly am. And having a true and sincere friend has brought out a part of myself that I have not seen in centuries, if I had ever truly let it out. I think the rest of the guard has been taken aback at the change they've seen in me the past few days. I know that Santiago has told me more than once that it's like I'm a completely different person, especially considering the low point I hit a few days ago. I guess this is just one more lesson I've learned again and again over the years. Time will always heal your wounds, whether physical or mental. Of course, it helps to have some amazing friends to speed up the healing process.

Listening to: Beatles - A Little Help From My Friends

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've wished my emotions would just give in

Like anyone I've learned to play like I'm blind
I've learned to believe I'll always get by
Life moves on or so I'm told
Life moves on when you're gone.

if there's one thing i've learned in all my years, it's that life goes on. life will always move on, whether you want it to or not. life waits for no man or woman, whether mortal or immortal. and so we all must make the choice to move with it or fight the losing war and try to remain in the past. i have chosen to move on. and so i'm turning my villa, my little sanctuary, my little piece of heaven, into a home. between furnishing my home and decorating for the festivities that will take place for st. marcus's day, i have been kept busy enough that i have not been able to dwell on the past. this is always the best way for me to heal. if i'm left alone with idle hands i will only spiral further into my depression. i am also lucky enough to have an amazing family surrounding me. my dear heidi has returned home, and demetri has stood by me since the beginning. jane and alec have shown their support, in their own special way, which resulted in felix being dyed green for the better part of a day. chelsea and afton as well have been so dear to me. and santiago, who has volunteered to help me turn this bare set of walls into a suitable home. he even brought me a housewarming gift in the form of the cat pictured above. santi knows i have a tendency to get lonely quickly, even when i don't want the companionship of people. luckily the scent of its blood does not appeal to me at all, although i must take care when having others around. i have named him erwin, in honor of erwin schrodinger. if you have to ask what the irony in this is, you wouldn't understand. i also plan to keep him far away from alec and jane as i do not want a vampire cat. but that is beside the point. i suppose that my point is, that this is my path in life. whether or not it was the right decision to make, i do not know. what i do know is that i must make the best with what i have chosen. the first part of making the best of all of this is making my own place in the chaos that surrounds me. and so i go back to sitting in my newly decorated living room, having a drink (you most likely don't want to know of what), and watching audrey hepburn movies with a dear friend.

Listening to: Blacklisted - Life Moves On

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

like a lifeless little pawn

Or you can have it all
Everything you crave
Money, pleasure wrapped in leather
Fortune and fame

Sell your soul!

one thing to be said for aro, he certainly knows how to make up with those he's hurt. this evening i walked into my room to find a small box all wrapped up in the center of my bed. inside? two sets of keys. one goes to the shiny new ferrari f430 spider, volturi black of course, currently parked in the garage along with the rest of my family's italian sports cars (we have a hard time blending in). the second key was to the only thing that could possibly make me ever forgive aro. it seems as though he's come to accept that the only way to keep me satisfied is to loosen the leash a little. and so i finally have that which every other member of my coven has had for centuries: my own home. it's a beautiful villa with a vineyard in monteriggioni. it is obviously close enough to volterra that i can be there in under 20 minutes, but far enough away that i can finally have some peace and some time by myself. the one condition aro did put upon these gifts is a pager that only he knows the number to and that i must always respond to, no matter the time of day or night. and yet, as i sit in my new studio, looking out over the gorgeous toscana countryside, i wonder if what i have given in exchange for these gifts was worth it. by accepting these things from aro, i have indebted myself to him and am now more tied to him than ever before. but who knows? perhaps with time and a bit of distance i will once again regain the peace of mind that i have lost. until then, i will enjoy this little piece of paradise. i think i'm going to start ordering furniture to be brought in, after a quick visit to my new, private chapel. yes, i think i may very well find myself here.

Listening to: The Creepshow - Sell Your Soul

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Had some stars in her eyes, thought she would have it all

The beauty queen and the wallflower
Feel the same in their darkest hours
All watch as the crown of jewels
Falls from the old guard tower

Apparently my life is back to normal. Or whatever version of normal this life mimics, anyway. I received my daily summons at the usual time. As I wander the halls and corridors, however, I see the looks coming from those I count as my family and dearest friends. Most of them look on me with pity, some contempt, and yet others still give me smug smiles. I guess I had this coming. I've known since the beginning what I was to Aro. I was the crowning jewel in his collection of oddities. I was the last line of defense, I was the one who would stand when others had fallen, I was the one who would never waver. I knew all of this and I reveled in every moment of my favored status. I know the favoritism that Aro showed me irked and confused more than one member of the Volturi, but eventually they all moved past it. I have always been very possessive of my position but I never had a need to defend it. Now I finally understand why that is. It's true, that as the most precious I am given the most attention, but when one is constantly at the center of attention, one most never show the slightest defect. Just like a jewel atop a queen's head I was daily examined by Aro for any signs that I might be unhappy, that I might leave, that I might betray him. His worries always came to naught, until recently. Imagine, going over 400 years without ever having that rebellious streak so characteristic of teenagers now. And now I am rebelling with a vengeance. I'm sure Aro is at a loss with what to do with me. I am at a loss to explain myself. In all of my mortal and immortal existence I have always been the good child, the obedient one, the one always willing to do as her parents and her God commanded. And now I can barely control my own thoughts, let alone have anyone else tell me what to think. I was raised so high and now the fall has almost killed me.
Perhaps I was wrong about all of it. Perhaps there is nothing more past this life. Perhaps there is no greater plan for me. Or maybe that plan included me living a normal, human life and dying as a human, but with the Volturi's intervention that plan has been obliterated. I remember fondly the conversations I once had with Carlisle during his brief stay with us. He, too, came from a background steeped in the faith of his fathers. He is truly the only who has ever truly understood the moral dilemma I face on a daily basis. As a daughter, I was taught to honor my father and mother, and yet I was also taught not to take the life of another human. Yet now in order to obey my father, I must take lives, I must shed blood, and in order to survive I must drink that innocent blood. And now I stand at a crossroads. One path will take me to freedom and disobedience, the other leads to bondage and family. How can anyone make such a choice?

Listening to: Bruce Hornsby - Crown of Jewels

Monday, March 16, 2009

i wish you could heal me

she wakes up, rage and grace
pulling me closer, pushing away
and me, the sharpest thorn on your vine
twisting and turning, we're all intertwined

i said there would be hell to pay. and i was right. oh how i wish i had been wrong. it started early this morning, before the sun had risen. i had taken a red-eye back to italy and had managed to get back into the safetey of the palazzo del priori before the sun could reveal me for what i am. it was quiet but then it usually is quiet in the palazzo while the sun is hidden, for that's when my brothers and sisters go out and play. still, there was an eerie sort of silence blanketing my home. as i walked through the castle, luggage in tow, i passed through the throne room on the way to my wing. and there i found aro, with jane and felix by his side. i immediately noticed several things odd with this arrangement, as i dropped my suitcases and ran to pay my respects to my master. firstly, jane and felix would never opt to be alone in the same room together as they have a mutual hatred for each other. secondly, a situation that required the two most dangerous members of our coven would surely require the presences of caius and marcus as well. and lastly, if there was a situation in which aro felt the need to be protected, i, too, would have been notified.
as i greeted each of them with a nod of the head, i noticed then what i had missed before. i saw the conflict raging in jane's eyes, i saw the barely concealed smirk on felix's face, and i saw the false pity on aro's. i had seen that expression on aro many times, but never directed at me. it was usually the look he wore when deciding that a particular newborn was too difficult to continue to exist. i immediately recognized what was happening here. i raised my head, pushed my shoulders back, and waited for the inevitable. as aro began speaking, i tuned him out and instead concentrated on my foster sister. i heard aro saying something about felix and jane worrying about me, needing to be reminded of where i belong and who i am, something more about how much this pained him. but i didn't hear much. as misunderstood as jane could be, i loved her dearly. she and alec were like my own sisters and brothers that i had lost so long ago. jane reminds me so much of caprice and alec has the same disposition as giovanni. despite the fact that they have technically seen more years than i have, i lived more of mine as a mortal, and so i am like an older sister to them. therefore it pained me to watch my baby sister agonizing over what was to come next. i knew what her choice would ultimately be. all the volturi would make the same choice in the end. and so i decided to spare her what misery i could.
i heard aro saying something about leaving the three of us alone to "talk" and then he walked out of the room and shut the door behind him. felix no longer bothered to conceal his grin. he waited for jane to make her move, for he wouldn't be able to get anywhere near me without me first rendered helpless by jane's power. i saw jane glance from me to the door that aro had exited from and back to me. in that second that she hesitated, i seized my opportunity. i had felt jane's power before, when i was a newborn, so i knew fairly well how to act. as i dropped to the floor in pretend pain, i saw the shock cross jane's face, and then understanding, and lastly gratefulness. it surprised me how little time felix wasted once he decided i could no longer block him. it took every ounce of self control i had to continue writhing as if in pain and refrain my natural reflex to shield myself. it felt like hours later that felix finally left, although i'm sure it was only minutes. he has a notoriously short attention span, and it's worsened when his prey does not fight back.
somehow i was still intact, although just barely. i lay facedown on the cold stone floor until i felt myself mentally and physically ready to move. i picked myself up, grabbed my suitcases, and started walking towards my favorite turret. as i climbed the stairs, i heard a set of dainty footsteps behind me. i spun around, automatically on the defensive, until i saw my dear jane. if i have a heart, it was surely broken at the sight of her crestfallen face. i saw the apology written in her eyes, and the anguish that had racked her small body. i gave her a small smile, cupped her face in my hands, kissed her on the forehead and told her "there is nothing for me to forgive. remove this burden from your shoulders." she smiled back at me and continued to follow as i found my way back to the corner of the palazzo that is my sanctuary. here i sit typing this, with my dear little sister watching me faithfully. and so i have learned firsthand that which i always knew. there is a good reason why so few people have ever wanted to leave the volturi, and even fewer have managed to do so successfully.

Listening to: Offspring - Fix You

let me tell you a secret

Let me tell ya 'bout what I've been seeing
It's the window to the world
Let me tell you 'bout the secret
I've been keeping
Said the oyster to the pearl
Are you sorry?
No not me
And tell me why should I be

i have realized that i never properly introduced myself. here is a short bio all about


xx just the facts xx

*.name: Renata Maria Scutto (pronounced "skoo-toe")
*.nicknames: Ren, Reni (only called by Felix, which annoys her), Sister Renata (also called by Felix when mocking her faith)
*.age & birthday: 404 years young, born in 1605, most likely in may, she celebrates it when the white lilies bloom.
*.grade: n/a
*.occupation: Volturi guard
*.money in the bank?: upper class
*.race: Carnivorous vampire
*.appearance: Renata typically sports long, brown, wavy hair although she has been known to dye it on occasion. She will very rarely get the urge to actually dress up. When she does, she will normally straighten her otherwise unruly waves. She also prefers comfy, if unstylish, clothing to the flashy items most the Volturi women favor. She sports the characteristic red eyes of the Volturi although at one time they were hazel. Stands short at 5’1” and fit but not too thin. She usually wears a cross around her neck, although it irritates Aro so she often hides it under her clothing.

xx the beauty behind the face xx

*.likes: reading, watching the sun rise, rainy days in Volterra, a clean room, Audrey Hepburn movies, Little Women, learning new languages, Debussy and Tchaikovsky, going to the ballet, a day all to herself.
*.dislikes: Isabella Swan, being made fun of, not having time to herself, Jim Carey movies, being forced to stay inside due to the sun, Aro’s overdependence on her, Felix when he’s in one of his “moods,” rude people, being yelled at, when people borrow her shoes and never return them.
*.fears: being replaced, losing her faith, losing the love of her family
*.habits: practicing Catholicism, also shows obsessive compulsive tendencies.
*.strengths: Her loyalty, protectiveness, intellectual prowess, excellent stalker due to how quiet she can be.
*.weakness: insecurity, introversion, inability to relate to others in her coven, most likely the physically weakest of the Volturi
*.goals: tRid the world of as much evil as she can, become canonized as a Saint, get a PhD in chemistry, ensure that Isabella Swan does not become a member of the Volturi.
*.secret(s): Renata sometimes feels trapped by her obligation to Aro, especially when he restricts her freedom. As a result of these restrictions, she is the least educated of the Volturi and longs to be able to attend a real university.
x unlike her fellow coven members, Renata does not enjoy violence. She will avoid it at all costs and is frequently heard saying “I am a shield, not a spear.”
x although she is extremely devoted to and loving toward her Volturi family, she remains unable to get particularly close to any one member. The rest of the coven view her as a mystery.
x she still actively practices Roman Catholicism, even including Lent. During the Lenten season, she gives up human blood in exchange for that of animals. She also performs several acts of charity for the homeless who live in Volterra. This has caused much confusion and ridicule in the Volturi household. She also still partakes in the communion rite, although she does not find the bread or wine appetizing.
x she spends a good deal of her free time by herself. She really only interacts with other family members during meals or when Aro requests her presence. The rest of the time she hides away in her favorite northeast turret of the Palazzo del Priori.
x during one of these times that she was alone, she was trying to decide which one mortal throughout history she would change, if she could do so without anyone taking notice. After several hours of inner debate and many lists of pros and cons later, she settled on Jane Austen.
x Renata has a very different personality than most of the Volturi women. She is actually quite frugal with her money, although there is no need for it. She owns very few pieces of clothing and instead has a large collection of stuffed animals. In one respect she is similar to the other women, and that is her weakness for fine Italian leather shoes.
x Renata finds it most difficult to get along with Felix as they are complete opposites. They have somewhat of a joking feud between them where Felix is determined to prove that he is physically superior but Renata shields him every time he comes near and he forgets what he was doing.
x although she is not sure if it is possible or not, Renata believes she has obsessive compulsive disorder. She spends her sleepless nights wandering the castle and cleaning up after her family members. She believes this stems from the fact that she was practically the maid in her human household.
x even after 400 years, Renata is still struggling to completely come to terms with who and what she is. This struggle has become all the more difficult after seeing how well Carlisle’s coven is doing. She has started to question what she has accepted for centuries.
x the part of her personality the Volturi find most confusing is that of her seeming asexuality. Renata was prepared to live a life of abstinence as a mortal and has felt no need to change that as an immortal. Although she does wish for the love she sees between others, such as Aro and Sulpicia, she is quite content for now with her lifestyle.

xx love me, leave me xx

*.sexuality:undiscovered; she tends to live as if she were indeed a nun
*.turn ons: unknown
*.turn offs: unknown

xx memories xx

*.mother: Giorgetta (1590 – 1647)
*.father: Fedele (1574 – 1631)
x Luzio (1602 – 1668)
x Raffaele (1603 – 1604)
x Felice (1607 – 1635)
x Giovanni (1608 – 1675)
x Caprice (1612 – 1674)
*.other relatives: multiple nieces and nephews whom she never saw again after being turned.
*.vampire mother: Sulpicia
*.vampire father: Aro
*.pets:occasionally a betta fish
*.hometown: Montaperti, Italy
*.current residence: Volterra, Italy
*.history: Renata was born and raised in the small town of Montaperti to a poor, Roman Catholic family. Her father was a blacksmith who claimed to descend from Roman shield bearers who served under Caesar, hence the name “Scutto” or “shield.” Growing up as the eldest daughter, Renata was expected to care for her younger siblings, and even her older brother at times. Her mother and father both greatly favored Luzio, especially after the death of Raffaele and Renata was generally overlooked.
At age 23, Renata had still not had any promising marriage offers. Given that she was not a great beauty, her parents knew she would need a large dowry which they did not have the money for. Instead, they sent her to a convent in Montebradoni. This was suitable to her personality as Renata had always been very religious. She believed that she had a special calling from God. Although she was hesitant to leave her younger brothers and sisters, of whom she had always been very protective, she accepted it as God’s will that she live her life as a nun.
Due to a plague outbreak the year before, the Volturi were forced to leave the safety of Volterra and search for food elsewhere. While on her way to the convent, Renata had to stop for the night at an inn. Eleazar had posed as the widowed innkeeper with Alec and Jane as his children. He was able to sense some sort of power within Renata but was unsure of what it was. After falling asleep that night, the next time Renata gained consciousness it was to see the smiling face of Aro. She had just gone through the torture of the transformation and was now a full vampire. From that point on, she saw Aro as the savior who had rescued her from the pain and suffering of the change. She became so attached to him that even after she knew that this was not true, she still remained by his side and defended him from every danger. She still reveres him as if he is a god.
Although the idea of killing people did not appeal to Renata, she did not know of any other way to live. She began to see it as her calling from God finally fulfilled. She was given the opportunity to rid the world of evil humans and make sure the good ones lived forever. She sees her transformation as the will of God and still practices the Roman Catholic faith.

and now you know, my soul laid bare, make of it what you will, love me if you dare.

Listening to: The Black Crowes - Then She Said My Name

i know i should step away, turn around

'Cause I know how it feels
All the pain is so real
'Cause you sink and you drown
'Till your feet hit the ground

this morning i watched the sunrise at the edge of the world. it actually turned out to just be cabo san lucas, but it was still a nice sentiment. after a day with my extended family, which turned out to be many of the volturi, the cullens, quite a few nomads, werewolves, and even some humans, i needed some time by myself. as much as i love all of them, i tend to go a little bit insane when surrounded by so many people. and so i took off down the coast, driving until i ran out of gas and then running until i reached somewhere surrounded by water. i have quite enjoyed this taste of freedom. i know there will be hell to pay as soon as i return to italy, but until then i shall savor every single moment.
so what was i thinking of as i watched the sun come up over the water? mainly nothing. i was just giving my mind, body and soul a chance to rest and prepare for the onslaught of people and activity that is sure to be waiting for me back home. the little i did think about involved that which i try at all costs to avoid. it comes down to this: i love my family with all my heart but i have gone over 400 years without a soulmate, a kindred spirit. being around the cullens and their friends is always trying for me. esme and carlisle, rosalie and emmett, jasper and alice, edward and bella, even little renesmee has jacob. my loneliness is really my own fault, however. i have always let it be widely known that i am not interested in a romantic relationship. as a mortal i made the choice to forsake the love of mortal men. my husband was to be my God. but i made a different sort of change so i never made that commitment. my commitment is now to the volturi. my spouse is my duty to them. yet none of the other volturi have felt compelled to live this life of abstinence. i'm fairly certain heidi has seduced more than enough men for the both of us. felix, too, has been known to "play" with his food. so why did i make this choice? in all honesty, i do not know. and so my running and my search for answers will continue.

Listening to: Evermore - Running

Sunday, March 15, 2009

take this longing from my tongue

Just take this longing from my tongue
all the lonely things my hands have done.
Let me see your beauty broken down
like you would do for one you love.

the cullens. what an extraordinary set of people. the volturi, myself included, paid a visit to them this weekend. the last time i have seen them the circumstances were much different and much less pleasant. that was also the first time i had been in forks. and the first time i had seen isabella since she "rescued" edward from us in italy. bella has always been and will always be a threat to me. i was there the first time aro met her. i saw the look on his face when he realized jane could not touch her. and even without his gift of reading minds, i saw what he was thinking. no longer would i be the chosen one, the precious one, the needed one. if bella were to ever join our ranks, my position would be shared, if not dramatically decreased. aro has always had the muscle to back up his rulings. i am simply the safety net. he has never had the mental security however, that bella possesses. i have no doubt that he would trade the two of us if ever given the chance. despite all this, i do not hate bella. at one time i did, but now i wonder if it would be so bad to be less needed, less wanted. i hope isabella realizes how wonderfully lucky she is, what an amazing family she has, both mortal and immortal.
i have nearly forgotten what that kind of family is like, although i'm not sure my mortal family was ever a true family. we seemed to be more like a group of people who just happened to get along well enough to live together and help each other out. and so i find a bitter taste in mouth, one that i have not known before. it is envy. this is my confession. i long for that which the cullens share, that which i have never known, that which i may never have.

Listening to: Leonard Cohen - Take This Longing

Saturday, March 14, 2009

go it alone, hold it along

My mind is racing
As it always will
My hand is tired, my heart aches
I'm half a world away here
My head sworn
To go it alone
And hold it along

i find it hardest to be at rest those last few hours of night right before the sun rises. while the rest of my family is out amusing themselves with their various games and activities i lie on the queen size bed, stare at the ceiling, and make lists. i don't know why, but sometime over the past 400 years i discovered that making lists keeps my mind at ease. call me strange, call me obsessive, call me whatever you like, it's all true. tonight however, the thoughts will not align themselves as they should. there is no common link and yet they are all the same. the same things as always but totally different than ever before. and so my beloved pastime of list-making has failed me. if i had someone to whom i could turn to, i would. but i have no such option and so i am stuck hiding behind the mask of anonymity that is the internet, hoping to find a kindred spirit somewhere out there. and now the sun is rising, the day has begun, and i am called away from my reverie into the world of chaos and crowds.

Listening to: R.E.M. - Half a World Away