Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Give me hope somehow

I know you stay true when my world is false
Everything around's breaking down my chaos

I always see you when my sight is lost
Everything around's breaking down my chaos

It appears we are yet again facing another newborn problem, this time close to home. Every few years this happens, last time it was in Seattle where Victoria built her army. This time there is a rampant vampire in Spain. There have been a slew of newborns running uncontrolled around Madrid. Apparently the one we found yesterday is just one of many. We managed to get a small amount of information from him before he had to be destroyed. We know our rogue vampire is a male who appears to be native to Spain, more specifically the Andalusia region given what our newborn could pick up from his accent. It seems his victims are random, chosen by who happens to be nearby when the mood strikes him. The only good news from this episode is that it seems to merely be a vampire amusing himself, and not creating an army. Santiago and I talked at length this evening on how to find the creator and what to do in the meantime. We need to find more of the newborns and try to get what information we can out of them before destroying all of them. But we can't let Madrid remain subject to the terrors of these newborns. I believe that a number of the guard will be sent to Spain to investigate, most likely including Santiago, Demetri, Corin, Afton, and Chelsea. Chelsea will be invaluable if she can manage to make the newborns feel more comfortable around the guard so that they will come back to Volterra to be interrogated. Once enough information is gained about our culprit, Demetri will then be able to track him. I, of course, will stay home, as always. Together with Alec, Jane, and Felix we will guard Volterra in case this vampire decides to leave Spain and travel closer to Italy. And so the guard prepares to fight once more and to bring some semblance of order back to this chaotic, secret world of ours.

Listening to: Mute Math - Chaos