Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I used to say get over it

Since I know you I don't know myself
My lonely soul is longing to be by your side
But day by day I realize that you never will be mine
Why can't you be mine?
Once again, I am left behind. Santiago and Demetri are in the UK picking up the scent of Maggie's stalker. We believe whoever is following her is connected with our newborn creator in Spain, given the messages he has left her, specifically a recording on her iPod saying "Spain is a lovely place this time of year." Even Siobhan has now gotten involved, meeting up with San and Dem to try to pick up the trail of the stalker. While they start in Ireland, Chelsea, Afton, and Corin will begin searching throughout Spain for any newborns who can give us clues about their maker. Based on what we have to go off of, here is what we think has happened: a boy that Maggie once tutored in sculpture has been turned by our newborn creator. While he was still mortal, he developed a crush on Maggie it seems, and now as a vampire has tracked her down. His actions have gone so far that Siobhan has had to move the coven temporarily. I won't reveal their location in order to preserve their safety. This particular newborn, if that is indeed what he is, is part Spanish and would most likely have been in Spain during the time our mysterious creator started his spree. Hopefully San, Dem, and Siv can catch up to the stalker and get some much needed information out of him. After that newborn has been dealt with, Santiago will then join the search in Spain. Siobhan has not yet decided if she will be joining him or not, but will do so when the time comes. Unfortunately Demetri will only be able to point out the trail and then will have to return to Heidi, as he is needed at home. And so I stay in Volterra, waiting by the phone for news of my family.
Yet the worst part of all of this, is the newest development. As San ran out the door to catch his plane, he suddenly grabbed me, and kissed me. Before I could process what was happening, he had run off towards the airport. I only wish he wasn't the faster runner. Now I have to wait until he gets back to make him explain himself.

Listening to: Me & My - You Left Me