Monday, March 16, 2009

let me tell you a secret

Let me tell ya 'bout what I've been seeing
It's the window to the world
Let me tell you 'bout the secret
I've been keeping
Said the oyster to the pearl
Are you sorry?
No not me
And tell me why should I be

i have realized that i never properly introduced myself. here is a short bio all about


xx just the facts xx

*.name: Renata Maria Scutto (pronounced "skoo-toe")
*.nicknames: Ren, Reni (only called by Felix, which annoys her), Sister Renata (also called by Felix when mocking her faith)
*.age & birthday: 404 years young, born in 1605, most likely in may, she celebrates it when the white lilies bloom.
*.grade: n/a
*.occupation: Volturi guard
*.money in the bank?: upper class
*.race: Carnivorous vampire
*.appearance: Renata typically sports long, brown, wavy hair although she has been known to dye it on occasion. She will very rarely get the urge to actually dress up. When she does, she will normally straighten her otherwise unruly waves. She also prefers comfy, if unstylish, clothing to the flashy items most the Volturi women favor. She sports the characteristic red eyes of the Volturi although at one time they were hazel. Stands short at 5’1” and fit but not too thin. She usually wears a cross around her neck, although it irritates Aro so she often hides it under her clothing.

xx the beauty behind the face xx

*.likes: reading, watching the sun rise, rainy days in Volterra, a clean room, Audrey Hepburn movies, Little Women, learning new languages, Debussy and Tchaikovsky, going to the ballet, a day all to herself.
*.dislikes: Isabella Swan, being made fun of, not having time to herself, Jim Carey movies, being forced to stay inside due to the sun, Aro’s overdependence on her, Felix when he’s in one of his “moods,” rude people, being yelled at, when people borrow her shoes and never return them.
*.fears: being replaced, losing her faith, losing the love of her family
*.habits: practicing Catholicism, also shows obsessive compulsive tendencies.
*.strengths: Her loyalty, protectiveness, intellectual prowess, excellent stalker due to how quiet she can be.
*.weakness: insecurity, introversion, inability to relate to others in her coven, most likely the physically weakest of the Volturi
*.goals: tRid the world of as much evil as she can, become canonized as a Saint, get a PhD in chemistry, ensure that Isabella Swan does not become a member of the Volturi.
*.secret(s): Renata sometimes feels trapped by her obligation to Aro, especially when he restricts her freedom. As a result of these restrictions, she is the least educated of the Volturi and longs to be able to attend a real university.
x unlike her fellow coven members, Renata does not enjoy violence. She will avoid it at all costs and is frequently heard saying “I am a shield, not a spear.”
x although she is extremely devoted to and loving toward her Volturi family, she remains unable to get particularly close to any one member. The rest of the coven view her as a mystery.
x she still actively practices Roman Catholicism, even including Lent. During the Lenten season, she gives up human blood in exchange for that of animals. She also performs several acts of charity for the homeless who live in Volterra. This has caused much confusion and ridicule in the Volturi household. She also still partakes in the communion rite, although she does not find the bread or wine appetizing.
x she spends a good deal of her free time by herself. She really only interacts with other family members during meals or when Aro requests her presence. The rest of the time she hides away in her favorite northeast turret of the Palazzo del Priori.
x during one of these times that she was alone, she was trying to decide which one mortal throughout history she would change, if she could do so without anyone taking notice. After several hours of inner debate and many lists of pros and cons later, she settled on Jane Austen.
x Renata has a very different personality than most of the Volturi women. She is actually quite frugal with her money, although there is no need for it. She owns very few pieces of clothing and instead has a large collection of stuffed animals. In one respect she is similar to the other women, and that is her weakness for fine Italian leather shoes.
x Renata finds it most difficult to get along with Felix as they are complete opposites. They have somewhat of a joking feud between them where Felix is determined to prove that he is physically superior but Renata shields him every time he comes near and he forgets what he was doing.
x although she is not sure if it is possible or not, Renata believes she has obsessive compulsive disorder. She spends her sleepless nights wandering the castle and cleaning up after her family members. She believes this stems from the fact that she was practically the maid in her human household.
x even after 400 years, Renata is still struggling to completely come to terms with who and what she is. This struggle has become all the more difficult after seeing how well Carlisle’s coven is doing. She has started to question what she has accepted for centuries.
x the part of her personality the Volturi find most confusing is that of her seeming asexuality. Renata was prepared to live a life of abstinence as a mortal and has felt no need to change that as an immortal. Although she does wish for the love she sees between others, such as Aro and Sulpicia, she is quite content for now with her lifestyle.

xx love me, leave me xx

*.sexuality:undiscovered; she tends to live as if she were indeed a nun
*.turn ons: unknown
*.turn offs: unknown

xx memories xx

*.mother: Giorgetta (1590 – 1647)
*.father: Fedele (1574 – 1631)
x Luzio (1602 – 1668)
x Raffaele (1603 – 1604)
x Felice (1607 – 1635)
x Giovanni (1608 – 1675)
x Caprice (1612 – 1674)
*.other relatives: multiple nieces and nephews whom she never saw again after being turned.
*.vampire mother: Sulpicia
*.vampire father: Aro
*.pets:occasionally a betta fish
*.hometown: Montaperti, Italy
*.current residence: Volterra, Italy
*.history: Renata was born and raised in the small town of Montaperti to a poor, Roman Catholic family. Her father was a blacksmith who claimed to descend from Roman shield bearers who served under Caesar, hence the name “Scutto” or “shield.” Growing up as the eldest daughter, Renata was expected to care for her younger siblings, and even her older brother at times. Her mother and father both greatly favored Luzio, especially after the death of Raffaele and Renata was generally overlooked.
At age 23, Renata had still not had any promising marriage offers. Given that she was not a great beauty, her parents knew she would need a large dowry which they did not have the money for. Instead, they sent her to a convent in Montebradoni. This was suitable to her personality as Renata had always been very religious. She believed that she had a special calling from God. Although she was hesitant to leave her younger brothers and sisters, of whom she had always been very protective, she accepted it as God’s will that she live her life as a nun.
Due to a plague outbreak the year before, the Volturi were forced to leave the safety of Volterra and search for food elsewhere. While on her way to the convent, Renata had to stop for the night at an inn. Eleazar had posed as the widowed innkeeper with Alec and Jane as his children. He was able to sense some sort of power within Renata but was unsure of what it was. After falling asleep that night, the next time Renata gained consciousness it was to see the smiling face of Aro. She had just gone through the torture of the transformation and was now a full vampire. From that point on, she saw Aro as the savior who had rescued her from the pain and suffering of the change. She became so attached to him that even after she knew that this was not true, she still remained by his side and defended him from every danger. She still reveres him as if he is a god.
Although the idea of killing people did not appeal to Renata, she did not know of any other way to live. She began to see it as her calling from God finally fulfilled. She was given the opportunity to rid the world of evil humans and make sure the good ones lived forever. She sees her transformation as the will of God and still practices the Roman Catholic faith.

and now you know, my soul laid bare, make of it what you will, love me if you dare.

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