Friday, April 17, 2009

You're condemned to me

So don't ever go away
And never put aside
The things I'm gonna say
Cause these are the rules for us

It seems that there are a large number of vampires out there who have forgotten that the Volturi are the ruling body of our world and there are laws that we expect those we govern to obey. Break these laws and the consequences are severe. We do not hesitate to kill those who cross us.

Volturian Laws

These laws apply to the entire vampire community, whether currently residing in Volterra, Italy or other parts of the world. Each law and every future law will be discussed and agreed upon by Aro, Marcus and Caius. Any violation of the following laws will result in a punishment to be decided upon by Aro, Marcus and Caius at their discretion. Said punishment will then be enforced by members of the Volturi Guard.

1) No vampire may perform any act by which their true identity will become known to humankind. This includes but is not limited to: stepping into the sunlight in public, feeding in public, demonstrating ones speed or strength in a way which arouses suspicion.

a) Vampires may discuss the affairs of our world with one another on the social networking site Twitter with the understanding that, while humans may read this commentary, no information may be directly revealed to a human. However they may not purposely expose the existence of vampires to any human.

b) All vampires are also required to keep the existence of Quileute shape-shifters and werewolves from the knowledge of humankind.

2) If a human becomes aware of the existence of vampires, they must either be turned themselves or be killed.

a) The only exception to this rule is for the members of the Quileute Nation. However, they too are required to keep the existence of vampires from the knowledge of humankind.

3) No vampire may enter into a treaty with a werewolf, otherwise known as children of the moon.

a) Quileute shape-shifters are exempt from this law, as pertaining to their treaty with the vampires of the Olympic Coven.

4) The creation of immortal children will result in the death of both the child and the creator.

a) The intentional creation of half-vampire half-human children will be examined on a case-by-case basis. If the creation of such children is proven to be accidental, the creators will not face any negative repercussions.

5) It is forbidden to create an army of newborn vampires in an attempt to claim or defend a territory.

a) Creation of such an army will result in the eradication of every newborn as well as the creator(s).

6) Harming or attempting to harm a member of the Volturi Guard, whether accidental or intentional, will result in immediate death.

7) Hunting within the city limits of Volterra is strictly forbidden, whether of animals or humans.

8) All wolves, shape-shifter or otherwise, are forbidden from entering Volterra under any circumstances.

9) Allegiances with the Romanian coven will not be tolerated. They and their allies are banished forever from Volterra.

10) Members of the Volturi Guard will face severe punishment for insubordination. This may include death, depending on the severity of the situation.

These laws and their respective punishments may be amended at any time as deemed necessary by the Volturi. Aro, Marcus and Caius also reserve the right to make any exceptions as they feel are required.

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