Friday, May 1, 2009

the best days of my life

Can't take away those times
We stayed up and we talked all night

Chain smoking cigarettes and
Three bottles of red wine
Falling asleep together

Holding your body close to mine .

i'm almost afraid to say that i'm content after the fiasco that ensued the last time i wrote those words. but i think i'm fairly safe to say them now. there was a bizarre incident that resulted in the vamp-napping of mary, and the near death of both her and me, but things are slowly returning to normal. even felix and corin have repaired their relationship. this in and of itself is enough to make me ecstatic, but we've had other wonderful developments the past few days. mary and corin are now engaged to be married (and who cares if she proposed to him, at least it's happening!) and we have a new sister in the volturi, bethan pyrs. i'm still recovering from the loss of chelsea, but gaining two new sisters has certainly helped the healing process.
i spent a little over the past day in ireland visiting siobhan and her coven and now we are on our way to forks, washington to visit the cullens as well as the denali coven. i am very excited, especially to see little nessa again. i'm afraid i filled one of my coach trunks completely full with just clothing and presents for her. i know the dear girl grows so quickly, i figured she might as well be dressed stylishly while doing so. now i just hope that nothing happens at home while i'm gone, although i'll be worrying every second of every day until i have returned.

Listening to: Matt White - Best Days